Our Services

Leak Detection

Underground leaks have been our only business for over 25 years, so when it comes to locating, tracing, and inspecting your underground plumbing system we have the most experience in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Water Leak Detection

Listening devices, such as audio amplifiers and geophones, allow us to pinpoint water leaks underneath your homes foundation.

If you believe you have a water leak, shut off your water at the meter and contact us immediately. An 1/8” pinhole leak in a copper water line can lose up to 100,000 gallons a month.

Hydrostatic Testing & Isolation

Hydrostatic testing involves monitoring water levels in your sanitary sewer system. We start by filling your home’s sewer pipes with water. When the piping system is full, our tech will monitor this level at different time increments to determine if your home or building is leaking water through its sewer system.

If we determine a leak exists on the PVC or cast iron system, we will then use video camera inspection equipment and static leak detection to pin point the problem area.

If you believe you have a sewer leak, contact us today. Sewer leaks can lead to severe foundation issues that can cost thousands to repair.

Video Camera Inspection

We are constantly using innovative camera technology to inspect deep into a home or building’s sewer system. By using cleanouts and roof vents, we can view each section of a sewer system to assess any breaks or cracks.

Traditional Repair

DeLong Services has been using traditional pipe repair methods for over 25 years. Excavating a leak by hand digging and tunneling is the most common and effective way of repairing water and sewer leaks.

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Water Leak Repair

Water leak repair involves pin pointing the leak in a commercial or residential area by the use of air pressure, listening devices, and electronic line tracing. Once the leak has been located, a small area around the pipe must be excavated. The leaking portion of the pipe will then be replaced by a licensed plumber.

If you believe you have a water leak, shut off the water and contact us immediately.

Sewer Leak Repair

If we’re unable to use Nu Flow Trenchless pipe restoration on your home or building’s sewer system, we offer traditional sewer repair as well. We’re certified by OSHA to work in confined spaces. This means we can carefully hand dig and tunnel around your sewer line in order to repair or replace the existing piping system.

Trenchless Repair

DeLong Services was one of the very first companies to bring trenchless pipe repair to the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex. We use patented Nu Flow sewer liners to repair deteriorating lines, separations, and cracks.

Founded in 1998, Nu Flow is an industry leader in trenchless technology and secured the first patent for “sleeve within a sleeve” pipe repair in 2005. Watch our video to see exactly how we repair sewer leaks without digging.

DeLong Services has been an industry leader in slab foundation leak repair since 1991. Owner, Larry DeLong, began locating leaks back in 1986 under his dear friend and predecessor, Kyle Butler. After Mr. Butler retired, Larry went on to start DeLong Services Incorporated in 1991 where he and his oldest son, Josh, have specialized in underground leak location and repair in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex for the past 26 years.