Plumbing Services.
Delong Services has been specializing in underground leak and line locating along with necessary excavation and repair of slab and foundation leaks in the Dallas - Ft. Worth Metroplex since 1996.  Underground leaks are our only business.  Our professionals will assist the property owners along with associated contractors in the diagnostic testing and exposure of sub-surface water and sewer leaks.  After the problem has been identified, Delong Services can assist with determining the most cost efficient solution.  We understand the stress customers will experience during the process and do everything necessary to put their minds at ease.  Slab leaks don't have to be a "Nightmare".  We offer every solution possible and most are nondestructive which do not tear up your walls and floors.  We will work with your plumbing contractors, engineers, and insurance company as well as your schedule.

Plumber Support.
Our company has been providing the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex plumbers with support services in the locating and excavation of underground leaks since 1996.  When you have a customer with underground slab leaks, we can assist your company with a total package of leak location, excavation, and leak repair.  We will work with your customers and all customer information will be kept confidential.  We will be working for you to represent your brand and to make your company look experienced and professional.  Our employees are clean, professional, and courteous.  We respect your relationship with your customers, and will work with you to ensure the job is done in the most efficient manner allowing you time to concentrate on the things that matter most.  Delong Services carries full coverage liability insurance, workers comp., and complies with all regulatory requirements.  The next time your company is shorthanded, don't turn down the job, let "The Underground Leak Specialist" help your plumbing company.